Hello! Nice to meet you, I'm Kevin Feyder a digital designer.

I like to think big, but I’m pragmatic in my day-to-day work and can take fast decisions on what needs to be done in the short term.

While interface design is the core of my expertise, experience in front-end development and traditional graphic round out my perspective. I have experience managing multi-stakeholder creative processes and am self-motivated but able to adapt to different team structures.

Abundance Collective

A network of trusted Realtors

Battle Caster

Waging war with the cards in your hand with this new indie trading card game.

At Flux Studio, worked closely with the Battle Caster's team delivering, interface, prototypes, icons and game assets.


Chewse Icons

A catering company serving thousands of hungry teams in 14 cities acrossed the country.

I was brought on to the project to create new icons for Chewse ordering dashboard.

Comet App

Originally a concept design of a comic app posted to Dribbble. Till a handful of developers decided to make it a reality.

I made Comet as a class project. I did the branding, interface and design system. Then worked closely with developers to make it into an app.


  • Ajay M

  • Lily Liu

Punch Clock

A simple and power efficient time tracking app.

A personal side project to learn JavaScript and solve my time tracking issue while freelancing at the same time.