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Teaching kids about recycling through pets.




May 2018


Interface Design

User Experience


Adobe teamed up IBM to foster design thinking, and show off new talent. So they held a national wide competition in 2019 to see how we could make the world a more sustainable place using with IBM’s machine learning and Adobe new Prototyping software XD.

Making positive change takes more than 48 hours.

How do you make a change in 48 hours? That does not give you enough time to come up with an idea let alone design and prototype an app. This means that this competition was just as much a time management project as it was a design challenge.

The first thing was we need to find a way to reduce the workload while we were busy coming up with a solution to the design problem. We decided to come up with a minimalistic component library so we can spend our time deciding how we were going to save the world rather than the padding on a button.

Machines can’t change the world, but humans cans.

Global warming is a human problem so human should be the ones to fix it. So we decided to focus on the human element and the machine learning second. The idea is to teach people about recycling. While acting as a smart scanner using machine learning to tell them what can be recycled.

To make this more fun and rewarding we decided to pair the concept with digital pets like tomogachis. Letting the user take care and raise their trash robot by feeding it recyclable materials. To encourage further experimentation and show progress your robot will change based on what you feed it. While the robots will give you daily tasks to keep you on your recycling streak.

Everything is friendly and smiling at me.

The interface was designed to be very close to stock iOS letting anyone easily understand how to use the system. Anything that was not stock was put there to immediately call attention to itself and make it easier to get to core functionality.

The colors and illustrations were designed to be appealing to children with bright colors, happy faces and simple flat shapes.

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